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Oyashiro Sama ~(*^*)~
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Upcoming C O N S :

Ultracon of South Florida 2014
Saturday: Cardcaptor Sakura
Sunday: Hit Girl

Upcoming P H O T O S H O O T S:

Hit-Girl (February)
Cardcaptor Sakura (February)
Ariel from The Little Mermaid (March/April)

Name: Jamie
Gender: Female
Favorite Cartoon Character (In The World): Hanyuu Furude

The name's Jamie Lee Vega, and I am 17 years old. I was born on May 25th 1996 in Florida. My parents divorced when I was about 7 years old so it's been about 10 years. I currently live with my mother and sister, while my father lives with my grandmother a little further down from where I am.

As for my skills, I mainly spend my time using "creativity". I sew, draw, and write poetry in my free time. Other minor skills I have are singing and playing the piano. I'm not strong in those skills, but they are still fun to do!

As for my hobbies, I enjoy what is called "cosplaying". I make all of of cosplay outfits. However, I treat myself up to 3 times a year to a bought or "put together" cosplay. Cosplaying is "costume roleplaying". You basically grab your favorite character, get a costume made for it, and wear it for photo shoots, conventions, etc. I go to conventions all over Florida. Conventions mainly contain anime, comics, and games. I attend conventions for all three activities/merchandise. I've been cosplaying for almost three years. I'm one of those different cosplayers that like to cosplay things out of the ordinary. I also try cosplay characters I think I can pull off decently.

I love Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (Anime) and if you have never heard of it, you should consider looking it up! Hanyuu Furude is my favorite cartoon character in the world!!!

Amazing Deviants that have become my heros:

All of these important cosplayers have watched me. I am so thankful to God I am at least a pinch of salt important to them~


:trollface: Completed Cosplays: :trollface:

+Hanyuu Furude - (Higurashi)
+Rika Furude - (Higurashi
+Satoko Hojo - (Higurashi)
+Turret - (Portal II)
+Menma - (Anohana)
+Yuno Gasai - (Mirai Nikki)
+Sakura Kinomoto - (CCS)
+Hit Girl - (Kickass 2)
+Ironwoman - (Ironman)
+Saya Takagi - (HOTD)
+Princess Tutu - (Princess Tutu)
+Nagisa Furukawa - (CLANNAD)
+Mary - (IB RPG Game)
+Lusheeta - (Laputa: Castle In The Sky)
+Chihiro - (Spirited Away)
+Ponyo - (Ponyo On A Cliff By The Sea)
+Kyle Broflovski - (South Park)
+Ranka Lee - (Macross Frontier)
+Fluttershy - (My Little Pony)
+Jirachi - (Pokemon)
+Shiny!Shaymin - (Pokemon)
+Shiny!Drifloon - (Pokemon)
+Lumpy Space Princess - (Adventure Time)

:heart: Cosplays in Progress: :heart:

:bulletred:Ariel (The Little Mermaid) 60% Complete
:bulletred:Alice (Disney's Alice In Wonderland) 20% Complete


:floating: Immediate Future Cosplays: :floating:
:damphyr:Terra (Teen Titans) 75% Complete
:damphyr:Annie (League of Legends) 10% Complete

:butterfly: Distant Future Cosplays: :butterfly:
:bulletgreen:American Dream
:bulletgreen:Fawn (Tinker Bell)
:bulletgreen:Elesa (Pokemon B&W 2)
:bulletgreen:Chii (Chobits)
:bulletgreen:Princess Zelda (Legends of Zelda)
:bulletgreen:Vaporeon Gijinka (Pokemon)
:bulletgreen:Maria Ushiromiya (Umineko)

My Cosplay Wishlist:
:bulletblue:Bobblehead Nurse (Silent Hill)
:bulletblue:Pink Ranger (Power Rangers)
:bulletblue:Samus (Samus Aran)
:bulletblue:Hainiryuun Ieasomuuru Jieda (Kizuna Hakama)
:bulletblue:Hanyuu Furude (Angel Mort)…
:bulletblue:Hanyuu Furude (Cafe Waitress)…
:bulletblue:Hanyuu Furude (Wave PVC)…
  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: ChadValley's Album
  • Watching: Youtube Videos
  • Eating: I WISH (Tummy Hurts)
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale ;-;
My goodness, it's already March! I still have quite a bit of things to do for Megacon 2014 being that it is in two weeks. Another thing is that Hatsume Fair 2014 is the following weekend after Megacon 2014 \(; A ;)/ UWAH! I am super duper stressed (>.<)

Megacon 2014: 
Saturday- I will be cosplaying as Hit Girl from Kickass2 and hopefully I can fix my "Mindy Stick" in time for the con! I am not planning on entering the cosplay contest since it is too much of a hassle, however, I will most likely attend to see all of the lovely cosplayers. I also hope I will be able to go with my friends to the Saturday-Night Rave.
Sunday- I will be coplaying as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and hopefully I can finish my corset and buy my high heels  in time for the con! Sunday will be a very relaxing day, so maybe I can get a shoot as Ariel. I've been meaning to post up "Wig W.I.P." pics, but I have been so busy, so my apologies.

Hatsume Fair 2014:
I will only be attending Saturday of this con/festival only because Megacon 2014 will be such a kick in the butt xD Plus, this event is more of a Spring festival rather than a con. They just advertise to bring your favorite outfits, kimonos, or cosplays! For this even, I will be bringing a secret cosplay I have been working on since after Animate 2014 back in January. Yes.. I have been working on a secret cosplay this whole time! I cannot wait to see the looks on your faces when I randomly post pics one day. Hopefully I can get a shoot at the event and then post pics along with some Megacon photos after everything is done and over with. 

Well! That's all for March's posts! Good thing these cons happen over my Spring Break!!! (PRAISE THE LAWD) 

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Would you like to join my group? It's Mion and Rika related! :D

Also check out some of my drawings.

I love Higurashi too but only the characters and not the story. :(

By the way, May is my birthday month! on 17 though, I am going to be 23 this year. :D
thecreatorscreations 5 days ago  Student Photographer
Thanks for the invite!!! :) I joined your group.
oh my gosh you were such a perfect Mirai. I was Panty, and as you saw Sillilly was stocking!
thecreatorscreations 5 days ago  Student Photographer
Aww! Thank you so much, hun :heart:
You two were adorable!!!
sillilly Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi!! I was Stocking from Hatsume Fair!!!! 
thecreatorscreations Mar 31, 2014  Student Photographer
Omg, hi!!! ^.^ < 3
carolineZTREZE Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:
thecreatorscreations Mar 10, 2014  Student Photographer
Aww~ You are welcome!!!
zeldatwilightfreak Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My goodness! You are only 17 and making these wonderful cosplays?! Your so cute and tiny! I wish I was like that! You can basically cosplay as kid or adult where as people like me that are 5'8" tall we are only seen as adults!!!!
thecreatorscreations Mar 9, 2014  Student Photographer
Thank you very much! That means a lot hehe ; w ;
I am about 5"2 and a half! :3
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